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Naomi Campbell arrived at the airport in a wheelchair



Supermodel Naomi Campbell arrived at Sao Paulo airport in a wheelchair. The celebrity moved around the hall, leaning on a cane. The star was not alone - she was accompanied by an assistant who helped to manage the stroller. He said that Naomi had a leg injury, but no operations were p...

Baylee | 17.06.2023 14:38:05

Marriage is called an elixir that helps to preserve health



Experts again praised the marriage. Marital relationships, they said, have a positive impact on people's lives and health – mental and physical. Moreover, this insnakeence increases over the years. Curiously, marriage affects people's condition in different ways. For women, it heals the soul, and for men, the body. Most likely, clini...

Baylee | 13.06.2023 02:07:26